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4D Fit is a premium small group personal training facility on the outskirts of Chelmsford, combining excellent facilities with tailor-made support in a friendly, supportive and highly motivating environment.

The 4D Fit centre is a place for growth. We guide clients to become their best self. Our training programmes are built on a belief in the Process. We coach and educate you so you can reach all of your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals. Following the process leads to steady gains that will boost your confidence not only in the gym, but in all aspects of your life. All we ask is that you believe in the process.

We are passionate, caring and committed. With over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry  and hundreds of client success stories we know what works and what you will need to achieve results. We are also realistic. We know that everyone’s start point and goals are different, so we will guide you through the whole process and support you to get the body and lifestyle you want to achieve.

4D Fit thrives on community and our great atmosphere is bred on enthusiasm and the community built around friendship. Our culture is all about people feeling comfortable, being motivated and enjoying what they are doing. We have always wanted to show people a way of training that is different, effective and fun. We simply want to help you to get the best from yourself and help everyone else to do the same.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to fitness or have been training for 10 years, your level is irrelevant.

We respect effort over talent.

When you come here you will be expected to work hard and challenge yourself. There will be times you want to quit and it will all feel too much. We build physically strong bodies but even stronger minds. We build mental resilience that you carry to all other aspects of life.

Always remember, nothing good ever comes from your comfort zone!

“It’s great to do what you love but even better to do it with a great team. On those days when things get tough, it’s the community spirit and support for each other that pulls you through.”




You will get complete support from the 4D Fit team with advice and help every step of the way.



Training programmes tailored to your needs, goals and physical capabilities.



Simple to follow but highly effective nutritional programme that will change the way you approach food and the choices you make.



At 4D Fit community is everything. We love the atmosphere, camaraderie and friendly competition it brings. By training clients in small groups you will get so much more out of your training and support each other when you need it.



It’s about achievable, sustainable results. Our passion is success and helping clients to be the best they can be. We’ve put years of experience and knowledge into developing our training system into the simple process it is at 4D Fit.

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Read our blog to find out more about how 4D FIT can help you become your best self.

Our experienced


Oliver Berquez, Co-Founder

My passion is to see clients achieve results and I love helping people get there. Everybody’s goals, start point and journey is different and I believe with the right program and the right support anything is achievable.   

I was a professional footballer for 19 years winning 5 league titles and playing over 750 senior matches. What the years of playing sport taught me was you need to be dedicated, work extremely hard and most importantly be consistent.

I have been in the fitness industry over 15 years and in 2014 set up a community based health and fitness company called BlitzFitMe. In its 4 years of trading we have worked with thousands of clients and have numerous success stories. In 2017 the company franchised and is now operating in 3 counties, Essex, Suffolk and Buckinghamshire all with the same system and approach to help people no matter what the age, shape, size or capabilities.

I love seeing growth and whether it’s business or personal I have the same set of strong principles to get there. Plan, stay focussed and be unwavering in achieving them.

Everything I’ve achieved to date is the springboard to creating 4D Fit. I have always wanted to create a highly motivating and supportive environment which will enable people to live healthier, happier and stress free lives.

Daniel Reeve, Co-Founder

My greatest passion is helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual as everyone’s journey towards optimal health is different.

I believe in leading by example, I don’t accept feeling average and I centre my lifestyle around achieving optimum health and longevity. In order to inspire others to change, I constantly challenge myself and set goals.

My personal accomplishments include completing a deca-ironman, a gruelling 24mile channel swim, followed by a 1120mile cycle, finished with a 262mile run. I have cycled 5 l’etape du tours, ran 19 marathons, completed an ironman and hold titles in strongman. I am 2017’s 4th Strongest Natural U80kg in Great Britain and 2017’s 5th Strongest Natural U80kg in the World.

I have over 18 years’ experience working within the fitness industry. I have studied under and interned with some of the best strength and conditioning and wellness coaches in the world.

I have always wanted to create an environment which will enable, educate and empower my clients so that they can live healthier, happier lives and become the best version of themselves. 4D Fit will be that environment.

Warren Stubbs, Coach

I have always taken a keen passion in helping people achieve their fitness and health goals and this is what constantly pushes me further everyday when training people whether it’s first thing in the morning or the last session in the evening I always try to make my enthusiasm rub off in sessions.

I have nearly ten years experience behind me in training the general pop. I have trained every type of client that you can imagine that walks through the gym door. Guys in their 20’s wanting to get into good shape for their holiday, mother’s of three who haven’t trained in three years and feel intimated when walking into a gym, lawyers in their late 50’s with chronic knee and shoulder issues. You name them. I’ve trained them all.

I’ve been on numerous nutrition and training seminars to increase my knowledge base but, I’ve always found I’ve learnt the most talking form and interacting with the clients I train within the session.

I always try to train people with a smile on face and enthusiasm as I want them to enjoy training as much as I do.

Vicky Wood, Coach

As a parent you are always thinking about your children’s happiness and health, ensuring they eat well, have plenty of sleep, stay active and experience new things. So after having my children I really started thinking about my health and fitness, realising how important it was to look after me, in order to look after them.

I wanted to lead by example.

I only started going to the gym when my boys started pre-school, because I felt lost without them and thought this would fill the time!

Very quickly this “time filler” became something I loved. Not only becoming fitter and stronger physically but mentally too.

Once the boys went to University, and feeling truly lost, it really was time to follow my passion for fitness and health.

My primary interest is in resistance and strength training and love training others, helping them to understand the benefits of this type of training.

I am passionate about making a difference and want to help motivate and inspire others to lead the life they truly want and to feel awesome.

I believe everyone is capable of achieving their dreams, some of us just need a little help along the way. We are all different and everyone’s journey will be different but It’s never too late and every little change can make a difference.

I am dedicated to helping others to develop a positive mindset and lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone deserves to feel amazing!

What our clients say

  • “Being someone that found training boring and never sticking to it, makes what I’ve done working with 4D amazing. I have made so much progress since training at 4D Fit and most importantly have the energy and focus both at work and home. All the coaches are professional, thorough and encouraging and I can’t recommend them enough.”

    Joseph Revell
    Managing Director
  • “4D-Fit has been a been a highly valuable experience for me. It’s allowed me to train properly for the first time, supported by experienced, talented and caring trainers. The personal touch and holistic approach to fitness and diet is what sets this gym apart. I can see and feel the results only after 9 weeks and look forward to the next 9. The one on one training with Oliver has been a pleasure (even when painful!)”

    Jonathan Lewis
  • “4D Fit and the team have been exceptional from start to finish. They have completely changed my mind set on eating and ensuring I’m regularly training which in turn has proved some personal positive results, it’s been great fun and thoroughly enjoyable!” Thanks Oliver, Daniel and Alex

    Jack Poulton
  • “Everytime you arrive at 4D there is a positive uplifting atmosphere. This is a great way to train whatever you want to achieve.”

    Su Harrison
  • “4DFit has been more than just a gym for me.”

    Yvette Skeete
  • “4D has been a revelation for mind, body and soul! Professional, friendly, supportive with expert advice and guidance on nutrition, exercise and healthy living.”

    Steve Chynoweth
  • “4D has turned out to be the perfect solution, training with the same people week for 9 weeks plus the online community has provided me with the accountability I needed to get back into shape.”

    Tony Miller
  • “They were always very encouraging and supportive and the fact that I was able to train at a convenient time for me with my busy schedule was definitely a plus!”

    Katy Flower
  • “Thank you 4D Fit for your friendly, professional service and for helping me get slimmer, fitter n stronger! I owe you guys for that! 4D Fit has given me the confidence, motivation and understanding to sustain learned nutritional and exercise habits to carry forward into my healthier future. I highly recommend 4D to anyone who wants to lose body fat and build muscle. I found training in a small group was far more enjoyable for me than training alone. I’ve enjoyed every bit of the programme so far!”

    Damindri Ponweera