Don’t let your Weekend be your Weak-End

Getting it right at the weekend is always a challenge for the majority of people (myself included) but excessive calories can undo all your brilliant work through the weeks and here’s why.

Before I start it’s important to remember that to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, which is less calories going in than calories going out.

Example – and stay with me on this one.
* A person has a daily maintenance of 2000 calories.
* 10% cal deficit (an acceptable percentage to lose weight and stay healthy) = 200 cal 2000 cal – 200 cal = 1800 cal daily target.
* Over a week total cal aim = 1800 cal X7 days = 12600 cal.
* Monday – Friday they hit their 1800 cal daily target. Total cal consumed to this point = 9000.
* Saturday – Sunday binge and eat 3000 cal each day = 6000 cal total.
* Total calories consumed for week 12600 + 6000 cal = 18600 calories.
* Target amount to be in 10% calorie deficit = 12600 cal.
* 18600 cal (the amount they’ve consumed 7 days).
* 18600 – 12600 cal = 600 calorie surplus.

Let’s convert the figures above into real life terms, using common weekend foods people have.

* Dairy milk bar = 230 cal
* X6 cans of beer = 1056 cal
* Chinese take away (rice, prawn balls, noodles, chicken) = approx 2000 cal
* X2 bags of ready salted crisps = 340 cal
Total = 3626 calories
This doesn’t include other meals.

The main point I’m trying to make is to show you how easy excessive calories can be consumed over the weekend, which will result in someone not progressing.

It’s still important to enjoy your weekend and relax in your nutritional choices, but don’t completely binge as you can see what effects it will have long term and makes your Monday – Friday irrelevant.

Have a great but balanced weekend.

Believe in the process and enjoy the journey.
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