Flaxseed benefits

Flaxseed is something you may have simply heard of, maybe used in cooking and probably seen it in health food shops and wondered what is so good about these seeds. Flaxseeds may be the smallest seeds you will find in any health food store, but there is nothing little about their enormous contribution to our overall health. Discovered in 5,000 BC, these little brown seeds were worshiped for their magical properties, such as healing the intestines, skin conditions, improving energy, and overall health.

Even just ½ cup a day would have a positive impact on your overall health. Especially around the winter months, when our immune system takes a few hits and you seem to suddenly pick up every bug going, it is important we fuel our bodies with immune fighting, nutritious foods. Flaxseed is one of those foods that can really boost your immune system. 

Omega 3s and lignans within flaxseeds help strengthen the immune cells.

What you can get from just ½ cup of flaxseeds…

  • 53 mg of lignans, way more than fruits and vegetables, which contain about 0.001 mg
  • up to 50 grams of Omega 3, which is a good daily dose
  • 27 grams of fibre
  • 7 times more potassium than a banana and more calcium than a cup of milk

Aside from fatty fish, flaxseeds are one of the only foods containing large amounts of the incredibly beneficial Omega 3 fat, which nourishes your brain and gives your skin and hair a healthy glow.

If you are currently on your own fitness journey or looking to venture into one, then lowering body composition and burning fat is often one of the top priorities for people. To achieve optimum health, you do not want to be carrying too much fat, as it has be shown to contribute to many different health related diseases over time. Of course some people want to lower body composition purely for aesthetics, but your main focus should always be health first. 

In modern society, the consumption of high fat foods and junk food is at an all time high and this has lead to our cells becoming loaded with unhealthy fats. When our cells become loaded with these unhealthy fats it slows down our metabolism and is contributing to the obesity epidemic. Adding in healthy Omega 3 fats and fibre gets your metabolism burning at a higher rate.

Flaxseeds contain 3 components that carry huge importance to our overall health, those 3 things being protein, healthy fats and fibre. The fibre and protein in the seeds help keep blood sugar more stable throughout the day, because fibre slows down the release of insulin. So not only will we be fuller for longer, but by maintaining a steady level of insulin production, we can have a positive impact on our risk towards diabetes. Insulin is an important hormone when it comes to utilisation of consumed foods, but also for our energy levels. By eating foods that are high in protein and fats, we can stay fuller for longer and it has a much lesser effect on our insulin levels, which in turn enables us to maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day. 


Believe in the process and enjoy the journey.
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