In praise of Slowness

Almost all of us have busy, over-scheduled, rushed lives. We’re pushed to live faster and faster.

And we want to lose weight immediately! Six-pack abs in six weeks! Or six days!

Our bodies struggle to keep up the pace.

You can feel it when you’re living — and eating — too quickly.

Rapid results don’t last. Everything worthwhile takes time and patience. (Think: Parenting, relationships, getting a degree, mastering a skill, building a career, etc.)

So for the first few weeks when any new member joins us, all we ask them to try is the opposite: Slowing down.

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Eat slowly. Savor your food.

Stick to the program. Be consistent, patient, and persistent. Keep showing up.

Day after day. One step at a time.

To get you in the mood, here’s a great TED talk from journalist Carl Honore on the value of slower living. (If you’d like to download the audio for later listening, click through to the video page here and click “Download” underneath the video.)

4D says relax

When you first start 4D Coaching, you might worry about things “going fast enough”.

  • You might want to learn it all right now.
  • You might worry that traveling or work schedules will disrupt your new habits.
  • You might get on and off the scale several times a day. Why won’t that darn needle move!?


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It’ll all get done with consistent effort, practice, and by slowing down.

You probably won’t lose weight right away.

That’s normal.

We’re building a foundation of good habits for life. This isn’t a crash diet.

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