Money saving health hacks

Investing in preventive health solutions like gym memberships, organic food, biometric and genetic testing, and alternative therapies can feel inaccessible because of the costs.

The truth is, many of us didn’t grow up in families that budgeted for self-care and healthy living. Only in recent years has the conversation of wellness and disease prevention hit the masses, and quite frankly, it’s about time.

“Invest now, save later” is my personal saying when it comes to health and happiness. And by save, I’m not only referring to saving on costs of health care; I’m also referring to the decrease in the likelihood of burdening family and friends now and in later life.

Of course you might be reading this and thinking to yourself, I understand, but I just can’t afford to be healthy right now. To that I say, it’s still possible to optimise your health today and not break the bank. Here are some options to consider if you want to invest in your health today:

1. Eat food in its natural form
By doing this you will deliver the highest amount of usable nutrition and give yourself the biggest bang for your buck. Cooking and eating at home tends to be more cost-effective than eating out, so taking a little extra time for preparation might be worthwhile for you and your body.

If you do wish to eat out, create a list of healthy restaurants in your neighbourhood which have discounts during a certain time slot.

2. Do Research

Health blogging is trending, and many people such as myself (@coachdanreeve 😜) get into fitness, health and wellness writing because they want to share their discoveries and personal breakthroughs with their communities. It’s easier than ever to do your own research. Just remember that every blogger, including myself here, is also sharing their own bias and perspective, so use what they say as inspirational tools instead of cold, hard facts.

3. Use Technology 
It’s becoming easier than ever to quantify your nutrition, fitness, HR, HRV, sleep, and overall health and there are now many free apps that allow us to do this. As health care becomes even more convenient, accessible, and data-driven, it will be easier to take care of ourselves as unique individuals.

4. Phone a friend
Knowing it can take up to 30 days to form one new habit, it might be wise to get an accountability partner. Having someone to remind you of your goals, listen to your frustrations, and even to get healthy right alongside you can increase your chances of maintaining new healthy habits.

I hope I’ve convinced you that the tools to better health and longevity are readily available to you today, whether you have a budget or not. All you need is a bit of self-discipline and to remember the importance of this particular return on investment.

You only get one life.

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