More speed, less control

Whether it’s garden-variety overeating (as in “Mum! No more pasta! OK, maybe a little”); distracted eating (“Oops! Did I finish that entire bag of crisps while watching Breaking Bad?”); or binge eating (“I totally lost control”), many folks in the 4D Coaching program struggle with their food choices sometimes.

It’s normal.

All of us at 4D have been there.

(How do you think we know so much about this stuff? Let’s just say we… ahem… have done some “hands-on research” of our own.)

Ever notice what overeating episodes and/or poor food choices tend to have in common?


If you’ve ever been through a classic binge, you know what we’re talking about. It’s like going on autopilot.

Hand, mouth, hand, mouth, hand, mouth.

Picking up speed as you go, faster and faster and faster.

Once you get serious momentum, it feels almost impossible to stop.

And right now, if you’re struggling with binge eating, we won’t ask you to stop.

Overeating does something important and valuable for you.

Right now, overeating solves a problem for you (even if it creates other problems).

So, if this resonates with you, let’s talk about another solution.

Instead of “don’t overeat”, overeat slowly.

Wait… what?

Overeat slowly

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Think about it.

What’s the Opposite Day for binge eating, where you cram down a lot of food as fast as possible?

Eating slowly.

You can still binge.

Eat as much as you want. Eat whatever you want. (We’ll worry about changing this later. For now, one thing at a time.)

Yes. You have our permission and you read that correctly: If you are in the throes of a compulsive eating episode, eat as much as you need to — and whatever types of foods you want — in order to make yourself feel better.

Eat until you’re done.

The only catch is that you eat slowly.

Wait… isn’t that irresponsible?

Well, if you’re like most people who have grappled with overeating, you’ve tried to “just stop”.

You’ve tried to talk yourself out of it. You’ve felt guilty, regretful, and ashamed.

Did it work?

Probably not so well.

So in fact, the most “responsible” thing is to learn to be present with your eating, instead of zoning out.

You do that by slowing down.

One thing at a time

Right now, overeating does something for you. It’s a way to cope. We’re not going to take that away from you if you need it.

All we’re going to do is change one small thing at a time.

Whatever you eat, whenever you eat, no matter how crazy or epic the eating episode becomes… just do it slowly.

You can eat everything you want. As much as you want.

As long as you do it one mindful bite, one deep breath, one pause to savour, at a time.

Hey, you want that food. You might as well truly enjoy it.

Make like a turtle. Sloooow downnn.

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