Praise Behaviour not Results

Any change aimed at improving performance cannot happen until an individuals behavior changes. When people’s behavior is left to chance, results are unpredictable.

Change must occur.

The third dictionary definition for “change” is “substitute.” To develop the kind of human conduct that will differentiate personal trainers, they must replace trial and error with an action plan when it comes to behavior.

Behavior patterns must be governed by the five critical rules of pinpointing the few critical behaviors that most affect results, identifying them, developing a staged plan to shape new behaviors, devising ways to measure behaviors and results and, finally, ensuring a virtuous cycle through positive reinforcement.

The rewards will be well worth the effort. When the right behaviors become habitual, when they are consistently modeled by PTs and Coaches, and when they are reinforced and adopted by all, they create the kind of human willingness to perform great things and achieve great results.

Praise behaviour not results.

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