Self Image

Self Image

Self-image, for me, is the biggest problem within the health and fitness industry. I see it day in, day out with both clients and coaches. Those who overvalue what they do not have, look like and image over what they have and who they are.

Strangely, shaving my head last week provoked a huge mix of comments. Some positive and some questioning why and the impact it would have on my life and business.

For me, I had not even contemplated this. My self-image has never been based on what I look like.

I’ve been in shape and out of shape. I’ve had long hair, crazy moustaches and now no hair but what I’m feeling, thinking and believing are the stages of how I change my style on the outside and my self-image on the inside.

Having a distorted self-image means that you have a view of yourself that is not based in reality.

We all have slight variations and detachments from reality, maybe we think we’re a bit thinner or heavier than we really are, for example, but when your self-image is greatly detached from reality, it can cause serious emotional and psychological problems.

We all have things we don’t love about ourselves or things we wish we could change, and we might even occasionally exaggerate our flaws, but people with poor self-image are stuck in a much more negative and dramatic state of mind when it comes to their perceived flaw(s).

As you might expect, low self-image can also be a driving factor and/or a product of depression. When we feel bad about ourselves, it’s natural that our perception of ourselves can suffer. Similarly, when our self-image takes a hit, it follows that we start to feel pretty bad about ourselves and our lives.

If a person gets obsessed with his or her self-image, it can wreak havoc in their life, especially when their obsession is with the physical dimension of their self-image.

As with most changes in the way we think and feel, there is no quick-fix to improving self-image; however, the good news is that there are things you can do and great coaches out there who can help. If you’d like more information then just let me know.

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” – Joyce Brothers.

“It’s great to do what you love but even better to do it with a great team. On those days when things get tough, it’s the community spirit and support for each other that pulls you through.”

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