The naughty step 

As most experienced coaches know: The bathroom scale (or the naughty step) rarely marks the milestones along your path to a fitter, healthier body.

Our bodies are complex. They change in many ways, ways that are often intangible or subtle. We feel and function differently, though we can’t always say exactly how.

Long before we lose any weight, small signs of progress sprout and flower.

Here are 5 ways you know your nutrition plan is working:

Your clothes feel just a little looser (or tighter)
You feel satisfied after meals
You have more energy
You’re sleeping better
You’re in a better mood

If you’re tired of being a slave to the naughty step, here are some ways to start breaking free.

Add, don’t subtract.

Just add so much healthy stuff – water, lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables – that there’s less room or desire left over for food that doesn’t support your goals. And at first, look for what you gain rather than what you lose. Like muscle. Strength. Confidence. Energy. Sanity.

Measure and celebrate your progress.

Look for signs of progress everywhere. Everything counts, no matter how small.

Focus on little things.

Make mini-goals. Nano-goals, if you want.
For the day. For the week. For the next five minutes. Whatever you need to stay on track and feeling like you can do this.

Find a coach.

It’s often a lot easier (and always a lot more fun) to work toward your body transformation goal with help from an experienced nutrition coach. If you’ve been trying to make progress for a while, but just aren’t seeing results, consider getting some extra support. With the right person in your corner, you’ll develop more effective change strategies and be better able to recognise progress markers and maintain the motivation it takes to make it to the finish line.

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