Why should women strength train?

Lifting weights and focusing on gaining strength is a refreshing change for women. They are often targeted by weight loss campaigns that focus on aesthetics only. These campaigns prey on women’s insecurities and conform to beauty standards that the majority of women cannot and will not reach.
Companies selling dietary shakes advertise their products with unobtainable airbrushed physiques and tell women if they follow their guidelines they will look the same as the model on the package.
Of course, no matter how much dieting, cardio or spinning classes you do, you will not end up looking like the woman in the advert. This ultimately leads to feelings of frustration, despair and self image issues.
There is a healthier option.
You can, instead of heavily focusing on the way you look, focus on how much weight you can lift. Women that don’t associate their self worth with how they look will have a better relationship with their body.
By turning up to the gym to compete with yourself, to try and push your body and lift more than you did before, an inner confidence will develop. It’s much healthier to focus on what you’re gaining and not what your desperate to lose.
So, instead of finishing a cardio session and pinching the fat around your middle and asking when will this go? Start strength training and check out the glutes, shoulders and arms you’ll be building and then compliment your fine self for taking the time to improve your health.
Looking good naked is a result of strength training and it will come. But it’s much healthier and more fun to enjoy the process of getting there rather then desperately waiting for the results to be happy.
Believe in the process and enjoy the journey.
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